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R and R Specialty
Phone: 757.576.3520
E-mail: info@intercoastal.com  
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This site is dedicated to Automobile enthusiast everywhere. R and R Specialty is not just another Auto Parts site.

R and R Specialty is not just another Automotive High Performance Site.

Of course we are here to make a profit with our specialized High Performance products, like custom

Spectre Stainless Steel hose braiding for your Street Rod or Lowrider.

If R and R Specialty doesn't carry the Spectre Stainless Steel Hose for "your customized" Show Car we will

Stainless Steel Braid any Automotive Hose you send us. Get that High Performance look for your "Ride".

R and R Specialty is the only site on the internet that carries the full line of High Performance Spectre engine

Chrome and Spectre Anodized Aluminum Products for Mustangs . R and R Specialty specializes in

automotive high performance auto parts to make your Street Rod look and run Great. We carry a full line of

Spectre high performance Chrome engine parts, such as Spectre Chrome oil pans,

Spectre Chrome Transmission pans, Chrome Air Cleaners, along with a complete line of quality

Spectre Chrome engine kits with everything from the Spectre Chrome valve covers to the

Spectre Chrome air cleaner. If we do not have the Spectre engine kit you want for your

Show Car, then we will build one just for your Show Car, using quality Spectre Parts


In the future we will be adding a complete line of repair parts for your "Classic Ride".


R and R Specialty carries Spectre Chrome and Billet Aluminum pulleys for most American engines,

with more pulleys being added all the time. Need an hard to find automotive part call us.


R and R Specialty is offering custom Powder Coating.

We can Powder Coat items as small as a bolt and as large as an intake manafold.

We are not a large production Powder Coat Shop, so we weclome the small job.

R and R Specialty offers reasonable prices for our powder coating.

We can turn a chrome piece into "GOLD" or put a Tough Black Powder Coat on that

OEM pulley to keep it looking new for years.

Powder coating is scratch and chip resistant with almost any color available.

Powder Coating gives a rust proof finish to your expensives engine parts.

R and R Specialty will be adding a section for Pictures and descriptions of your Show Car.

Please visit our contact page to submit your Custom Car by E-mail or by Postal Mail.

R and R Specialty maufactures Infrared Extenders for use in your Skow Car, Boat, Motorhome or at home.

These IR Extenders make it easy to control your Stereo, DVD player or TV from your dash

(for trunk mounted units) or from any room in your house. Our IR Extenders work with most remote

controls and we even have IR Extenders that can use one "eye" to control multiple IR Devices.

R and R Specialty offers the best microprocessor controled "Brake Simulation" module for in dash

A/V Displays. If you want to program your CVA 1003, CVA 1005 or CVA 1006 without

setting your emergency brake then you need our Brake Simulation Box.. Our Brake Simulation box

eliminates the need to install switches to simulate the brake sequence required by some in dash A/V Displays.

R and R Specialty does not stop with the general electronics for your Mustang.

We offer the best electronic "Traction Switch Control" module on the market. It even remembers how

you set your Traction Control Switch if you disconnect your battery. No longer do you have to remember

to turn off your traction Control Switch every time you start your Mustang.


R and R Specialty also sells a microprocessor controlled "Tach" adapter so that you can install that

"Cool Tach" with the shift light in your late model Mustang. Our unit will also work on all Ford products

with "coil on plug" ignition systems. Our Tach Adapter is extremely accurate and reliable.

R and R Specialty wants to be your Automotive parts store for High Performance Parts


If your have any suggestions on how to improve the "R and R Specialty" web site please e-mail us at